4 Ways to Drink Responsibly at a Sports Bar

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Socializing at your local bar is one of the best forms of entertainment that you can ever experience, especially on the weekends. Going to the bar on special holidays or watching a game is also a great way for you to have a phenomenal time with your friends and family members.

It’s so easy for you to get carried away when you’re drinking beer. You might not be aware that you’re indulging in excessive drinking. One thing you must keep in mind is remembering how to drink responsibly at a sports bar. Follow these four tips for your next bar hangout.

Set Goals

If you’re a habitual drinker, you should consider reducing your alcohol intake. You must set a drinking goal that’s not too difficult for you to manage. This is a practical strategy that helps you to avoid overdrinking and establish better control when you’re at the bar. Being more aware of your alcohol consumption also makes it easier for you to experience minimal side effects.

Count Your Drinks

You might find yourself downing one drink after another and failing to set limitations. The easiest way for you to avoid going over your alcohol consumption is to write down the number of drinks you had. Before you begin your drinking session, think about the number of drinks that you can manage through the night and keep a note of the amount of alcohol that you’re consuming.

Eat First

You must ensure that you eat something before you arrive at the bar. It is known that once alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach, it is quickly absorbed by the stomach and small intestine. On the other hand, the presence of food in your stomach before drinking allows for the slow absorption of alcohol.

What foods should you eat before you indulge in a night of drinking? According to experts, the best foods are fruits and vegetables that contain a high water content. Some of these nutritional foods include cucumbers, radishes, oranges, and melons. It is also helpful to consume chicken, greek yogurt, or sweet potatoes before you head out for a fun time at the bar.

Focus On Hydration

It is effective for you to drink lots of water before and after you consume alcohol. Alcohol can dehydrate your body. Drinking water helps your body fight dehydration and keeps you hydrated for longer periods. So, it is best for you to drink at least one 16-ounce glass of water for every 12-ounce beer that you consume.

Have the Time of Your Life Drinking and Having Fun

The consumption of too much alcohol can have various negative side effects on your body. Not to mention a terrible hangover that could take a long time for you to get rid of. Therefore, the only way for you to avoid feeling awful when you wake up the next day is to pay close attention to your drinking consumption.

As a responsible drinker, it is easier for you to enjoy yourself in social settings and prevent disastrous situations.

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