Wake Up And Eat!

Wake Up And Eat Benders Sports Spirits

Anytime we’re open, we’re ringing the dinner bell…

Another way to say this is that at Bender’s Sports and Spirits, we have some of the best bar food around, and you’re going to want to dig in!

If you’ve ever seen a caricature of a dive bar where sullen gents in caps sit silently above slowly bubbling beer, you know that that scenario is depressing. That’s not what we’re about here – you’re not going to slump listlessly on a barstool. There’s a lot going on in here, and a lot of people who know their stuff. Cajun breaded pickle chips, pulled pork … and for the health-conscious we have salads that actually taste good. Seriously! Our tots are pretty special, too. We could go on and on. But you can check it out for yourself, online, or stop on by and see us in person.


For one thing, most of our signature shots have a healthy dose of Red Bull dumped in. That’s for starters. This gets you wide awake and amped up for our excellent menu that really allows you to sample some great tastes in a fun and exciting environment.

From our Wisconsin cheese kurds with garlic flavor to ghost pepper tequila, there’s something for every taste. Our entire line of burgers, including our magic mushroom burger and others, are made to offer collections of ingredients that you’ve never seen before. Another popular choice is our Steigl Radler grapefruit brew imported from Germany. This is simply great stuff and we are glad we discovered it.

Enjoy all of this stuff while you’re upright and alert. Take in the atmosphere and enjoy yourself. You only live once, right? Try our El Droppo without dropping yourself into an alcohol-infused stupor. That’s Lunazul tequila with Steigl Radler thrown in. Get it with a pour of cranberry, and it’s a crandangler. You get the drift. Bring the whole crew for a night out! If you’re going to spend money somewhere, you don’t want to spend money in some dingy place with substandard food – we provide the experience that keeps people coming back for more. Our capable and friendly bartending staff have a lot to work with – and when you get here, you’ll see how all of that creates a better ambience and boosts our business while giving you a better place to hang out and play some pinball or catch a bit of the big game. Come see us – we’ll leave a menu out for you.

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Looking for a Place to Hang out with friends while watching sports? We've Got You!

Benders Sports and Spirits caters to all sports events partnered with cocktails and other drinks for more enjoyable sports action experience. All your favorites from mouth watering burgers to fresh queso and much more. We will also have weekly special from our custom smoker that will surely get your taste buds smiling, so check out our special section and come in taste the greatness!

“Classy Sports Bar With A Dive Bar Attitude”

North Dallas, TX

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