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Benders Restaurant Richardson TX

Come down to our happy hour, and enjoy food and drink in the best way possible – with the game going on the big screen, and a lot of fun happening in the background! At Benders Sports and Spirits, everything we do is to provide a fun space for our guests. You can see that at work when you come down, and that’s not all – not by a long shot. We have really designed an experience here which we think you’ll like.

We’re also working on some culinary stuff that will have your taste buds humming!

Here are some of the current special items on our menu:

Brisket Eggrolls
The fusion idea of taking barbecued meat and putting it in an eggroll is catching on around the country. Our specific take involves taking our mouthwatering barbecue brisket and mixing it with cabbage, pepper jack and onion for something you have never tasted before!

Bender’s Bangers
It’s not what you think! Although in places like Glasgow, “bangers” are pork sausage, we have our own spin on this lingo: these jumbo shrimps paired with jalapeno and cream cheese are simply a delight. Enjoy them with a drink, and savor each bite. They’re just that good, and our chef isn’t going to stop making them any time soon.

Here again, we’re taking the carefully smoked meat and combining it with cheddar jack and chives, on a twice-baked potato shell. Tater skins are a delicacy everywhere, but only at Benders Sports and Spirits will you get this level of deliciousness. Even Steve enjoys these skins, although he usually pairs them with a tequila shot for good measure.

Get freezer shots, well drinks and other drinks at rock bottom prices, and enjoy a good time out at Benders Sports and Spirits, where the whole neighborhood shows up even on a weeknight, to cut loose and have a good time! Cheese curds, tots, totchos and nachos, we have it all. Check the web site to get a better idea of what the place looks like, and contact us for events. We are here to make this community a more fun place to hang out! Our regulars tell us this works, and they should know: they’re here every night! Why not take a page from that playbook and come down and visit one of the area’s hottest bars with the food and drink you will pine for the rest of the week.

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Looking for a Place to Hang out with friends while watching sports? We've Got You!

Benders Sports and Spirits caters to all sports events partnered with cocktails and other drinks for more enjoyable sports action experience. All your favorites from mouth watering burgers to fresh queso and much more. We will also have weekly special from our custom smoker that will surely get your taste buds smiling, so check out our special section and come in taste the greatness!

“Classy Sports Bar With A Dive Bar Attitude”

North Dallas, TX

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