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  • Hot Rita

    Ghost pepper infused tequila, Gran Marnier, sweet n sour, simple syrup. orange juice, simple syrup, lime juice,

  • Ghost Mule

    Ghost pepper infused tequila, ginger beer, and a splash of lime juice

  • Cougar Bait

    Deep Eddy Lime, Lemonade, Grenadine, Lime, Sprite

  • Fancy Joe

    Patron Anejo, orange & regular bitters, simple syrup, orange

  • Hell of a Day

    Lonestar Tallboy & Shot of Basil Hayden’s

  • Rick & Mary

    Titos, Pickle Rick, Bloody Mix, Bartenders Love, and Pickle Spear


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  • El Droppo $5.50

    Lunazul Tequila dropped in a glass off Stiegl Radler

  • Diablo Droppo $5.50

    Jalapeño Ghost Tequila dropped in a glass off Stiegl Radler

  • El Grappo $5.50

    New Amsterdam Grapefruit Vodka and Stiegl Radler

  • Crandangler $5.50

    El Droppo with a splash of Cran

  • Gator Bomb $5.50

    Bacardi Lime and Redbull

  • Dragon Bomb $5.50

    Barcardi DragonBerry and Redbull

  • Bayou Bomb $5.50

    Satsuma Bayou Orange Rum

Draft Beer

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  • Benders IPA
  • Benders Bock
  • Benders Blond
  • Budlight
  • Coorslight
  • MillerLIght
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Dos XX
  • Stiegl Radler - Grapefruit Beer featured in Droppo's
  • Seasonal Beers Available
  • We also carry a large selection of bottled beers
  • Come see us for Pint Night!

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