At Benders Sports & Spirits, we’re all about shots – not the bad kind – the good kind!

You don’t want to hear the word “shots” when you’re in the doctor’s office, but when you’re in our bar and restaurant, you’ll hear it shouted quite a bit.


That’s because we have our own signature shots that deliver some of the finest spirits around with a kick.

Signature Shots
Our “El Droppo” shots are the talk of the town.

Then you have your Gator Bomb, your Dragon Bomb, and your Bayou Bomb, all of which give you a wake-up call with a Red Bull mixed into your drink.

Food, Drinks, and Sports
If that’s not your style, you can get any number of draft beers or cocktails, or you can enjoy burgers, fries and tots, cheese curds, and more. Our Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds drizzled with garlic parmesan butter are a favorite.

You can also see your favorite team trample the opposition on the big screen!

Meanwhile, we’ll cook up crispy wings to order.

If this all sounds like it’s part of your style, check out where we’re conveniently located and come on out to see us near the corner of Midway and Frankford. A happening North Dallas neighborhood is known for its nightlife in a casual “clean, well-lighted place” with comfort food to spare.

Want to know more?
Let’s talk about how we make our “El Droppo” and “Diablo Droppo” shots. This starts with the right amount of Stiegl Radler. This fermented grapefruit drink is a German import that’s known for its fruitiness and low-cal flavor. Then we add Lunazul Tequila (“like sunshine in a glass!”) for a shot that packs a wallop! For the Diablo, we add Jalapeno Ghost Tequila instead.

On the cocktail menu, how about a “Hot Rita?” It’s got this stuff in it: ghost pepper-infused tequila, Gran Marnier, sweet ‘n sour syrup, orange juice syrup, and lime juice, for an all-around great taste that, like the Diablo Droppo, will set your taste buds aflame.

With ingredients like these, it’s easy to imagine how crazy you can get with our shots and cocktails. Then add the excitement of your favorite team playing on the big screens. Benders Sports & Spirits is all you need in North Dallas, as our regulars will tell you. Look no further for your new watering hole, and make sure to add us to your browser bar so you can get updates on what’s going on at this North Dallas bar. We’ll see you ’round!

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Looking for a Place to Hang out with friends while watching sports? We've Got You!

Benders Sports and Spirits caters to all sports events partnered with cocktails and other drinks for more enjoyable sports action experience. All your favorites from mouth watering burgers to fresh queso and much more. We will also have weekly special from our custom smoker that will surely get your taste buds smiling, so check out our special section and come in taste the greatness!

“Classy Sports Bar With A Dive Bar Attitude”

North Dallas, TX

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