Our Bangin’ Burger – And More!

Our Bangin Burger And More

What makes a good burger?

Is it the bun? The meat? The fixin’s?

At Benders Sports & Spirits, we believe it’s all of those things. Our menu has some amazing burgers and other great food to satisfy yer belly. We can give you that perfect dinner when you’re out on the town, or help you feel better by getting some food down you when you had a rough night.

As one of the best toned-down, casual sports bar restaurants in North Dallas, we take good care of our customers with excellent “hangover food” and more.

Bangin’ Burgers and More
For example, on our Benders Burger, the “Hangover Cure,” we lay down jalapenos, wing sauce, and a fried egg over the top of your patty and pepper jack cheese for a delicious result.

Then we have the Magic Mushroom Burger, with Swiss, onions, and mushrooms for that particular palate. Oh yeh, and a dollop of our “fancy sauce.”

When you need to mop up your sauce or last night’s bender, you can chow down on some fries or tots, or you can get our signature Wisconsin cheese curds: Wisconsin cheddar breaded and tossed in garlic parmesan butter. The world knows no finer!

What else?
Well, our drink menu, including our Gator and Dragon bombs with Red Bull, and classic shot “El Droppo” are also on offer here at the oasis we’ve made out of the former Bent Tree Piano Bar up here in North Dallas, which is a happening place these days. We’ve seen North Dallas take off in a big way, and we’re coming up with the neighborhood, as a top local place to come in and take a load off and enjoy some great food and drinks.

Come See Us
Jump on the George Bush or the N. Dallas Tollway and meet us at the corner of Midway and Frankford, to get a relaxing, casual tailgating experience or relish the excitement of the big game with our generous number of flat screens and cool ambiance. Local college ball is a big draw, but we can change the channel to the game that you want.

Really, the burger is just the beginning of the experience here in one of North Dallas’s best dining establishments – with that said, we suggest you try it! Call us for details if you’re thinking about coming down. Take a look at what we’ve done with the place – and we’ll be happy to see you when you get here.

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Looking for a Place to Hang out with friends while watching sports? We've Got You!

Benders Sports and Spirits caters to all sports events partnered with cocktails and other drinks for more enjoyable sports action experience. All your favorites from mouth watering burgers to fresh queso and much more. We will also have weekly special from our custom smoker that will surely get your taste buds smiling, so check out our special section and come in taste the greatness!

“Classy Sports Bar With A Dive Bar Attitude”

North Dallas, TX

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