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For years, American adults have flocked to bars to have fun and to indulge in a few alcoholic beverages. Going out with your friends not only helps you make memories; it also allows you to blow off some steam. Whether you are going to a dance club or a local sports bar, treating the people working there with respect is important.

Bars and nightclubs in the United States generate over $20 billion worth of revenue annually. This industry would not generate near this amount of revenue if there weren’t great bartenders around. If you are going to a bar for the first time, you need to brush up on your bartender etiquette. Below are some great tips on how to have great interactions with a bartender.

Get Your Group To Agree On One Type of Shot
When going out with your friends, you will undoubtedly drink a few adult beverages. One of the best ways to get your night off to a good start is by getting a round of shots for your party. If you want to make a good impression on the bartender at the establishment you are spending time in, then you need to work on ordering a round of the same shots.

If there is a large crowd in a bar, a bartender will have to work hard to keep all of their customers happy. If you want to avoid being viewed as a nuisance to a bartender, you need to make their job a bit easier, especially on larger orders. By sticking to one shot, you can get your order filled and delivered in no time at all.

The bartender Doesn’t Control Prices
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when interacting with a bartender is complaining about the establishment they work for. The main complaint most bar owners receive is regarding the prices of drinks. You need to realize that the bartender does not control prices; they just work there. Instead of making things awkward by complaining to the wrong person, try to keep your opinions to yourself.

If saving money on drinks is a top priority, then you need to be strategic about what night you go out. In most cases, bars will run drink deals on weekdays because these are their slower times.

Avoid Making the Billing Process Complicated
Generally, a large group of people that are out for a night on the town will split the bill. Trying to pay for the drinks of everyone in your group can be very expensive. When ordering drinks, you need to let the bartender know your intention to split the bill at the end of the night. By giving them advanced warning, you can make their job much easier.

When your portion of the bill arrives, be sure to include a nice tip. Many bartenders live on their tips, which is why paying for great service is so important.

By following these tips, you can easily make a great impression on a bartender.

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