Got To Do Work Stuff? Do It In a Fun Place

Got To Do Work Stuff Do It In a Fun Place Benders Sports and Spirits

Increasingly, these days, we carry our work with us much like a snail carries its house around on its back. Okay, we can skip the nature channel metaphor. It’s true, though – work in the modern age is always there. It’s always around us.

It’s not uncommon anymore for somebody to be checking client emails or collaborating with coworkers or figuring out whether they have a contract in the middle of an evening or weekend. It’s not uncommon to see somebody doing work at a friend’s house, or at the dinner table, or even out at a bar or restaurant.

For those who like to blur those work/life balance lines, this kind of multitasking is fun and effective. For others, it’s not a good fit. But we have seen people thrive on blending work and life. It just takes all kinds of folks to make the world go ‘round.

At Home At the Bar

Why not fire off a work email while dropping one of our classic “el droppo” shots?

Or get work done with your team members while pouring down some of our signature Stiegl Radler grapefruit beer imported from Germany!

It’s all part of the experience when you’re situated at Bender’s Sports and Spirits taking a look at our delicious menu and enjoying yourself in a vibrant bar/restaurant environment.

You can even keep an eye on the game….

Accommodating Multitaskers

This kind of work/life multitasking is so popular with some of our regulars that we keep our Wi-Fi password right at the top of our menu. You can order your tenders and tots or other hangover food, or line up shots at the bar, while you craft your sales plan or look over last week’s numbers, or try to close a deal. That really gives the phrase “sales funnel” a whole new meaning.

Just don’t let them hear the shouting in the background!

We know that in today’s business world, your work is what you make of it. Everybody has their own style and their own routines. By adding easily accessible Wi-Fi to our menu, we’re making this a place where you can pursue your goals while you hang out. That’s appealing to some of our folks who like to go “where everybody knows your name” and be available in their social space while they get work done. Or, wait till you are done with work …. And come on down to Bender’s Sports and Spirits and party!

Check with us about any current Covid-19 related changes. Thanks and see you soon!

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