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There is nothing like football to get you and your friends in the mood for food, drinks, and good times! Some of the best get-togethers are centered around a football game at home, in a sports bar, or tailgating. Whether you’re into college ball or the NFL, hosting friends who love the game is even more fun when you add a little friendly competition to the mix.

Football fans love games that involve the enthusiastic consumption of libations, which is why drinking games and football go hand in hand. If you’re looking to score with your friends this football season, consider throwing these games into your next watch party during the game or at halftime for the win.

Word Of The Game

One of the most fun football drinking games is Word of the Game. In this game, you choose a word or phrase that is typically said during the game by the announcers and simply take a drink when you hear it spoken.

Pro Tip: This game can be as tame or as audacious as you like; you can tailor it to fit your party goals.

Raise Your Glass

Similar to Word of the Game, Raise Your Glass has you drinking to cheer-worthy moments in the game. Have your friends take a drink whenever the toasting moments happen. Here are some examples of when to raise your glass:

· If your team wins the coin toss

· When your team scores on a 4th and goal

· When your team’s coach smiles/celebrates

· When your team scores

The Raise Your Glass game can also be customized to reflect a theme specific to your team to make it extra fun for your guests.

Pro Tip: You can also take celebratory drinks when the opposing team gets penalized.

Football Trivia

Football Trivia may be a standard at your game day gatherings, but it is tons of fun as a drinking game for teams. To get your party in the competitive spirit, divide your guests into teams and make a score card accordingly. In advance, gather your football trivia questions and play Football Trivia in between plays and quarters or at halftime and during commercial breaks. If a person answers correctly, have them take a drink. If a person answers correctly, their team gets the point.

Pro Tip: You can also make silly rules to increase the fun if your guests are party animals.

Game Day Drinking Fun

Whether you enjoy the big game at your favorite sports bar or host a gathering of friends, these football drinking games will ensure everyone has a big time.

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