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Bar Themed Nights Have Fun and Party On Benders Sports Spirits

Although we relate bars with food and drinks, it is the social atmosphere that really enriches the experience in the end. It’s always good to have something special to do to help get you out of a rut, and themed nights are great ways to achieve this. These are creative ways to create pleasant, fun environments that break out of the usual chatting and drinking at a bar. With these ideas, you can easily have a night full of fun, food, drinks, and good times with your friends.

Dating Games Night

No, with “Dating Games Night,” we aren’t talking about the conventional date nights. Instead, we’re referring to a popular game where two people — known to each other or not — play questions and answers. The game basically consists of one of the participants having their turns to answer certain questions and their partners, who don’t know the original answers, trying to answer in the same way as their “pairs.” It’s definitely a very fun premise, and if we add a few drinks to the equation, it’s bound to make for a great time.

Trivia Night

If you want to stay entertained, test your knowledge skills in different topics and of course, drink a little, we have for you one of everyone’s favorites — trivia nights! These can be a lot of fun and challenging, as the topics can be incredibly varied and secretive. You can find everything from pop culture to sports history. At the same time, we can help you prepare trivia nights for a couple or a group, so you can have fun no matter who you are with. Grab your group of friends and get ready for a fun night of knowledge and drinks!

Board Game Night

Who said board games are just for kids? Many people enjoy playing board games with their friends, and if you give them a somewhat competitive spin like creating tournaments and giving prizes to the winners, surely everyone will feel much more motivated to participate. Being with your friends, having some drinks, and even something to eat while playing board games and having a good time seems like everyone’s Friday night wish.

Open Mic Night

A great way to get people to have fun and interact with each other is with an open mic night. This gives a wide range of people, from amateur singers to comedians, the chance to demonstrate their skills at the stage. People can be entertained listening to their friends sing while having a karaoke outing, or, if you are a fan of Stand-Up, you can also organize comedy nights where amateur comedians will show their talent and humor. Not only that, but as a way to interest more people, there are also competitions to keep everybody engaged.

These are just some of the possibilities for entertaining nights that we offer at our bar. To make your event a memorable one, we also offer specific-themed nights like vintage or sports nights. With a little bit of imagination, you can even create your own events! Entertainment is a priority for us, so gather your group, come visit us, and get ready for a night full of fun and lots of drinks.

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